Areas of Focus
popular music, Asia-Pacific-America, transnationalism, digital humanities, media & technology

My research explores transpacific musical practices in popular music genres. I study the complex hybridization of musical genres and experiences emerged between Asia and America. My research examines: How musicians of Asian affiliations (descent, residence, nationality, diaspora, etc) reinvent musical materials from existing ethnically tied musical genres; how they form social networks; and how they transform their on-stage and off-stage identities in the increasingly technologized and globalized ecology.

I wrote a dissertation that investigates the geographical contours of Asian America and the process of disidentification with “Asian American” category through the lens of the second and 1.5-generation Asian American independent rock musicians. Informed by the research on transnationalism, mutliculturalism, racial melancholia, this project examines the music, performances, and social media of musicians whose ethnic and racial identification falls outside of the black-and-white racial binary in the United States. Read about my dissertation.

My methodological interests lie in developing a multimodal field research and ethnography. I work to develop software tools and repurpose social media, GIS and mapping technologies to enhance field research and ethnographic work in the 21st century. Read about my digital projects.

Selected Publications :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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