Grapefruit Experiment

Grapefruit Experiment + Martin Terrazas

Grapefruit Experiment is a semi-open music project with Carey Sargent and I as core members. The concept behind Grapefruit Experiment is inspired by Yoko Ono’s design of the Plastic Ono Band – a nomenclature designated for Carey, Wendy, and whomever they are making music with at the moment. Aesthetically they lean toward something like: part-no-wave, part-noise, part-improvised, part-avant, part-sound-fetish, part-song-like, part-fun, part-geeky + whatever parts contributed by collaborator.

Our most recent project is a series of collaboration with Alex Juhasz who contributed raw materials from her “road show”, giving talks on Feminist Online Spaces, for us to remix and recompose.

In the Road Show project with Alex, we conceptualized the plastic membership of our band to include Alex as well as the incidental content contributors of Alex’s Feminist Online Spaces (FOS). We challenged ourselves to make songs in the style of what we call Grrrltronica. With the goal to draw and transform source materials from FOS, we created electronic music that expresses, extends, and experiments with the feminist ideas that surface on the site and in the greater webscape.

Here’s a tune that came out of our project with Alex: “But I Like Kittens”

Read more about our collaboration with Alex in our post “Grrrltronica, Plasticity, and Friendship” and Alex’s post “Making connection. making things. and making the feminist-internet” on Fembotcollective.