Pinko Communoids

Pinko Communoids is an improvisational trio based in Charlottesville, Virginia. I started the group with two other UVa graduate students: Carey Sargent (PhD, Sociology), Kevin Parks (PhD candidate, Computer Composition and Technologies program). We create both free and structured improvisations using conventional instruments including guitars, accordions and percussion, found objects, circuits, microphones, and other electronics. We enjoy the quiet interplay of small sounds and often employ a restrained sonic palette of diverse timbres. Since forming in 2006, Pinko Communoids have given over 40 performances both locally and abroad, including a tour of Taiwan‘s major cities in Summer 2007. We have been featured at Feminist Theory and Music (FT&M10) conference, 804noise showcases, Red Room, COMA @ ABC No Rio, Sonic Circuits, Noise in the System, Technosonics, and other concert series. In addition to performing, we co-founded HzCollective, an experimental noise and music collective based in Virginia and helped curate the Audio January and Audio February series at The Bridge PAI in Charlottesville VA.