Movable Parts

"Sound truck for a temple god in Yngge"
“Sound truck for a temple god in Yngge” – CC-licensed photo by Joel Haas

Movable Parts is a community arts group consisting of artists, engineers, and community organizers with a shared mission to deploy creative practices to re-imagine the streets and public spaces in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Inspired by Nakashi street music-culture in Taiwan, our efforts augment the spatial and social flow of the public sphere at a human scale. We believe in the open-source ethos, promoting communalism and free exchange of knowledge. We make available our design, implementation details, and other project-specific knowledge through workshops and online documentation. Experimenting with high-tech and low-tech modes of practices, we make and transform materials ranging from the cultural and embodied, to the mechanical and computational.

As a co-founder and project manager of Movable Parts, I help conceptualize the design and impact of the group’s creative endeavors and bring together resources to make them possible. Here I blog about how my research on nakashi intersects with the creative making and community engagement efforts of Movable Parts.

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