Dzian! (pronounced “ze-an”) revives the ecstasy of vintage rock sound from Asia. The Los-Angeles-based band curates and masters the style of Taiwanese a-go-go, Japanese eleki, Indo-rock, Thai disco and shadow music, Malaysian pop yeh yeh, Khmer pop, Middle Eastern bellydance surf, and Ventures hits enjoyed by Taiwanese puppetry bands and audiences. No gimmicks, only geeks. The band embodies Taiwanese “super-cool” by recreating Nakasi (那卡西), down-home, “fashionable” party music in pre-WWII Taiwan. Committed to spectaculars, Dzian! flaunts feather boas, LEDs, authentic costumes, and choreographed belly and go-go dance, while unabashedly delivering tunes in ten languages and counting. From Chinese buffets and shopping malls in Virginia to Manhattan’s Union Square and Taiwan Center in Flushing, the band has left a trail of joyous red boa feathers. Put on your swell dancing shoes, your thumbs up, and say, “Dzian!”

“贊樂團”是北美第一個那卡西衝 浪摇滾樂團。“贊”在台灣話的意思是“超極酷“。我們主要是彈奏六○年代, 七○年代流行於台灣, 日本, 印尼, 寮國, 馬來西亞, 泰國, 新加坡以及法國, 美國及更多其他地區的音樂。我們演唱多達 10 種不同的語言,在台灣稱之為阿哥哥, 在日本稱之為ELEKI, 印尼GARAGE ROCK, 在泰國則稱SHADOW MUSIC, 馬來西亞謂之POP YEH YEH, 和台灣布袋戲及其觀眾所熟悉的VENTURES熱門音樂。我們的演出時而會加上那卡西舞蹈團及精彩的肚皮舞客串表演。我們很適合在募款活動, 婚禮, 會議, 節日娛興, 生日慶祝, 宴會, 畢業餐會以及其他種場合, 比如電視廣告,NASA開幕典禮中。以音樂及學術的穿插, 我們很高興能在宣揚和教育上能夠推展出我們的表演項目。


Carey Sargent: drums
Jonathan Zorn: bass & vocals
Lanier Sammons: guitar
Rachel Thompson: violin & vocals
Steve Kemper: guitar
Wendy Hsu: keys, guitar & vocals

With auxiliary members: Jesse Dukes, Catherine Monnes, Erik DeLuca, Loren Ludwig, Bob Holub, The Nakashi Dancers of Charlottesvile, our moms, Li Chen of Cafe 88…


The C-ville: “Nakashi surf rockers deliver a super-cool show. Say it with your thumbs up—Dzian! That sensation you’re feeling is called happiness.”

Nailgun: “And what can I say about headliner Dzian! when words will inevitably fail? We are very lucky to have a band as talented as they are unique in Charlottesville…On the best nights, The Nakashi Dancers accompany the band. They’re like an Exploding Plastic Inevitable with feather boas.”

Please say our name with your thumbs up!