A new song to celebrate the year of the dragon


It’s been a while. Since our summer tour 2011, we have scattered to various corners of the country. Before we left Charlottesville, we recorded a bunch of tunes. Last week, Carey and I set up a voice recording booth in the closet of our apartment in LA. We finished off with the recording of a song that we’re now ready to deliver to you all.

“Gong Xi, We Are Happy” is based on a traditional Chinese new year song. “Gong Xi” literally means “congratulations.” People in Chinese-speaking countries use the term to congratulate one another on the coming of the lunar new year. I arranged the song last spring to celebrate the completion of my dissertation. For the year of the dragon, we have delivered this new year anthem in a style infused with garage rock and Taiwanese A’ go-go. This single is released on Bandcamp now!


The band is scheming a reunion mini-tour in Los Angeles at the end of March. We will be sending an update once our dates are confirmed.

We hope that you enjoy our single. The year of the dragon will be a good one!

Fortuitously yours,

wendy / Dzian!

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