Call for Baking Talent: DZIAN! BUSK & BAKE

In the wake of escalating gas prices, Dzian! is seeking novel ways to
help fund our summer tour. We’re planning for:

Saturday, April 16th
9am – 12noon
Near Farmer’s Market on South Street (exact address to come)
(to coincide w/farmer’s market foot traffic and Dogwood Parade crowd-gathering)

We’re calling for baking talent!  Exhibit your renown baking skills…or in the
hopes that your enthusiasm for the a’ go-go beat might send you into a
baking frenzy! Won’t you please bake us a pie, tart, cake, bars, batch o’ cookies, or
loaf o’ bread to peddle to passersby???

If you feel so inclined, please let us know [dzian.music (at) gmail.com]  know what you’d like to contribute. We’re also looking for someone or ones to sell the goods while we
provide the tunes on acoustic violin, guitar, accordion, and buckets
for drums : )

Many thanks and happy springtime!

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