I organize my current performance projects by a curiosity in noise. “Noise,” the way I understand it, is defined in opposition to “music” as sounds legitimized by major social institutions; noise is that which challenges the existing soundscape as shaped by institutional forces, in my case, commercialism and Euro-ameri-centrism. View/read my video paper about how I conceptualize the relationship between my performance (with Dzian!), ethnographic research, and public scholarship. I post some of my field, studio, and computer-made recordings on Soundcloud.

With my nakashi surf rock band Dzian!, we usher in the obscure sounds of 1960s-70s surf and garage rock records from Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, France, Finland, and other parts of the world less associated with rock music. In Pinko Communoids, I work to redefine the usage of conventional rock music instruments such as electric guitar, effects, and amps. My duo project Grapefruit Experiment invites collaborators across genres and extended the mode of experimental music performance into more conventional rock and popular music settings. Outside the context of these projects, I have collaborated with Tomie Hahn, Jonathan Zorn, Erik DeLuca, Kenneth Yates (Caustic Castle), Bob Holub, Zach Mason (Softpieces), and others.

Dzian! press photo

Bitter Party
Bitter Party

Pinko Communoids, Sonic Circuits 2007
Pinko Communoids

Grapefruit Experiment + Martin Terrazas
Grapefruit Experiment